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Pneumatic Mast


  • The masts should be made of high strength heat treated aluminium alloy HE 30 – T6 tubes, light weight, and high tensile, along with precision machined guide, locking collars and guy holder. The mast should withstand the adverse environment condition such as high and low temperature and difficult field condition.
  • The mast should be erected by using a foot pump.
  • The mast could with stand wind speed of up to 120Kms/hour for short duration and 80Kms/hour for regular operation with the guys ropes tightened.
  • The mast should stay in erected condition without air pressure for long periods. Each tubes moves on Teflon bearing and quality air seals.
  • Each section should be hard anodized & the body along with locking guide & guide collars is Olive Green spray painted/Power coated.
  • All mild steel parts should be a hot dip galvanized to with stand environmental conditions
  • The complete mast system should be included all needed accessories for its erection, such as base plate, spikes, foot pump, pegs, hammer, stainless steel buy ropes, guy tensioner, clamps etc.
  • Base plate with cup, Nails (base spike), pegs, guy tensioner & clamps etc should be made of hot dip galvanized and of specification described above.
  • Arrangement for fitment of ground plain antennas on the top of the mast.